Factors affecting the uniformity of radial tires and analysis of test data


We know that tires are used to support a wide variety of vehicles, from bicycles to giant construction tires, a vehicle weighs thousands of pounds, and the force generated when accelerating, steering, and braking is even more amazing, it can be seen that tires not only provide forward or reverse traction to make the vehicle accelerate or stop. But also side or lateral traction, so that the vehicle steering and easy to control; tire uniformity is not good, can produce noise and vibration, a substandard tire will lead to tire steering, so that the driver needs to control the steering wheel to keep the vehicle in a straight line, the wall of the air bubbles and dents will make the tire has an imperfect appearance, these defects can be used to tire uniformity tester to test and measure.

It can be seen that the quality of the tire is the main consideration of the tire factory, not only the owner of the vehicle needs a smooth driving conditions, but also the automobile factory is very strict on the requirements of the tire. Therefore, the quality of the tire is the uniformity of the tire, and with the test of uniformity, it is possible to improve the manufacturing quality of the product.