Raw material changes seriously affect the development of China's tire industry

Jan 05,2024

Tire raw material supply is "new change"

First, the supply of natural rubber depends on agricultural cultivation, the price of its "gamification" undermines the confidence of rubber farmers, will also accelerate the tire industry to seek alternative products. Butadiene as an important monomer of styrene-butadiene rubber and butadiene rubber, which comes from petroleum cracking light oil, and natural gas, shale oil development in the continuous replacement of petroleum cracking, resulting in a significant decline in the production of butadiene.

Second, environmental regulations and "labeling law" is a new opportunity for the development of highly dispersible silica. New processing aids and new vulcanization systems will have to change, which will bring new opportunities for the development of additives. In addition, the wide application of silica will hinder the further development of carbon black, so enterprises are advised not to blindly go up carbon black production capacity again. In the future, China's semi-steel tires are going to be labeled, which will also lead to a corresponding reduction in the amount of carbon black and a doubling of the amount of silica.

The supply of raw materials for tires and the development of tire manufacturing technology are interacting with each other, with the increase of people's environmental awareness, energy saving, environmental protection, cost saving and so on are gradually becoming the development direction of tire technology.