Recent maintenance methods for tires

Jan 05,2024

Daily maintenance of automobile tires:

1, daily tire pressure check: tire pressure should not be too high or too low, because the tire pressure is too high in high-speed operation may not be able to withstand excessive expansion pressure and the danger of blowout, tire pressure is too low in the driving process due to the unevenness of the road surface caused by excessive expansion of the tires, so that the tires are in a long-term fatigue period, accelerate the aging of the tires, so it should be required in accordance with the manufacturer to maintain the tire's standard air pressure, including the spare tire air pressure.

2, tire pressure test can be carried with the car tire pressure gauge: test shall be measured in the state of the tire at room temperature.

3, regular tire shift: that is, the front and rear tires to do cross-shift, because the car is generally front-wheel drive, then as a driving wheel, its tire wear is more serious than the passive wheel, but also because the front wheel is a steering wheel, in the rolling friction on the basis of an increase in the sliding friction, which makes the car's front wheels to be more than the rear wheels to wear serious, regular tire shift, you can make the car 4 tires wear uniformly, and also make The front wheels and the ground have better friction, thus avoiding the front wheels skidding, to ensure driving safety. 4, regular balance check: regular test balance can not only extend the life of tires, but also improve the stability of the car driving.