Common sense car tire maintenance

Jan 05,2024

1, The right tire pressure

Car enthusiasts know that the car tire pressure must be appropriate, neither too high nor too low, but exactly how much tire pressure is considered appropriate? Generally the standard tire pressure is 2.2~2.6 bar, but each car manufacturer has special regulations on tire pressure, please follow the label, never exceed the maximum value. Tire pressure is too low or too high will affect the life of the tire itself as well as fuel consumption, both are not conducive to the maintenance of automobile tires Tire pressure is too high will make the weight of the body is concentrated in the center of the tread, resulting in rapid wear of the center of the tread, and easy to blow the tire. And tire pressure is too low easy to make the tire grounding area is not uniform, wear and tear, increase rolling resistance, increase fuel consumption.

2, Tire cleanliness

To frequently check the cleanliness of the tires, to see if there are small stones or sharp things inside the foreign body, if there should be immediately removed to avoid the next drive on the tires to cause a greater impact. As you can see, the maintenance of car tires requires more care.

3, The degree of driving

Choose a good road surface driving; for potholes in the road, if the car tires are often driven in these places, for the maintenance of car tires is very unfavorable; and very easy to scrape.

4, Parking position

Parking in the gentle ground; parking in the flat will be more conducive to the maintenance of car tires than parking in the slope, because parking in the slope, still rely on the grip of the tires to keep still, easy to cause friction on the surface of the tires, therefore, we should try to park the car in the flat.